Thursday, 27 November 2008

News: The Stepfather has the offical synopsis for Sony Screen Gems remake of The Stepfather, which will be directed by Nelson McCormick, the guy who directed the Prom Night remake. I've not seen any of the above films (but desperately want to see The Stepfather, thanks to the appeal of the fantastic Terry O'Quinn), but I do know that Screen Gems tends to water things down to PG-13 to make a quick teenaged buck. The trailer for Prom Night was awful enough (did they really have to use the same scream sound effect 27650 times?); I would not be at all surprised to see The Stepfather go down the same road.

As a side note, The Stepfather sees a return to horror for Amber Heard (after All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, which I missed at Abertoir '07!), who seems to be very much an up-and-coming star in the making. Is she any good?

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