Tuesday, 23 December 2008

News: Dunes off Rosemary's Baby remake

BloodyDisgusting reports today that Platinum Dunes is officially OUT of Paramount Pictures' proposed remake of Rosemary's Baby (Brad Fuller's a very chatty guy lately, no?).

First Near Dark, now Rosemary's Baby - are Platinum Dunes actually developing a sense of 'artistic' integrity, or have they realised that the big bucks lie with their franchises?

It'll be interesting to see if Paramount continue with the project, and if so, how they go about it. Platinum Dunes are clearly a big name when it comes to big horror remakes, so will Paramount be less inclined to move forward without them? Time will tell.

Another thing I'm pondering - does this backing out of projects by Dunes mean they're becoming more inclined to working on original projects? Because that would be a welcome change.

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