Friday, 19 December 2008

News: Zombie to direct H2

A bit late on the uptake with this one (damn you, flu!), but this week it was announced, and very quickly followed by a 'poster', that Rob Zombie will be directing a sequel to his Halloween. According to Variety, production's due to start in March. I wonder if they're after a Halloween '09 release?

If this is a success, I wonder if Dimension and Zombie will go for a full-blown new franchise? It's unclear right now if 'H2' (what a horrible title) will directly remake Halloween 2, but it will pick up from the end of Halloween, just like the original.

No cast is confirmed as returning, even though BloodyDisgusting seems to be speculating that most of the main cast will be returning (are they just making up extra news?), which seems to imply we'll have more flashbacks into Michael's past if the likes of Sheri Moon are returning.

I didn't really enjoy the Halloween remake. At all. I'll be intruiged if the sequel will build upon the bits I didn't like in the 'original' (namely the backstory, to be honest), or if it'll surprise and be an improvement.

What did you think of the Halloween remake? Or is it a reimagining?

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