Saturday, 3 January 2009

News: H2 and My Bloody Valentine reports today that Dimension Films will be releaseing Rob Zombie's H2 (I still hate that title) on August 28, 2009. This seems incredibly rushed to me, as they've only just started filming - I have a feeling they've announced this date but will push it back to an October/Halloween release anyway. Even an October release would seem a bit speedy.

In other news, My Bloody Valentine 3D is hitting cinemas soon (January 16th UK & US), the official website is fully launched and has some pretty fun features like a personalised Valentine videocard you can send your beloved.

The first clip from the film has also hit the net, and can be found HERE on YouTube. I suspect the film might be pretty lame when not in 3D, so it's a shame that so comparitively few cinemas have the full 3D capability!

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