Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Opinion: My Bloody Valentine 3D

January 16th sees the release of My Bloody Valentine 3D in the UK and the US. I've not seen the original film, but I must admit, I'm actually looking forward to this remake.

No, seriously. And I think I know why. It's the whole 3D thing. They're actually doing something a little bit different with the film. Hopefully, that something different will be pulled off well. The trailers make the film seems fun, if not scary, and the 3D factor gives it an interesting twist. If it weren't for the 3D effect, I'm not sure I'd be all that interested in seeing it. As it is, I'm intruiged. I want to know if they can pull off a pick-axe flying into the audience without it looking like crap.

Luckily there's a 3D cinema not too far from where I am, and if it's being shown there (I hope it is) then I'll likely take a day trip to check it out. If the 3D effect is successful, it'll be a shame that more cinemas can't show it the way its meant to be watched.

Of course, it could just be crap. Oh, well. At least we can rely on Jensen Ackles to provide eye-candy.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm going to see it! Three guesses as to why! But actually I agree, the whole 3D thing sounds really cool! xxx

Stonecypher said...

Ah, Jensen Ackles. You'll be bringing in the dollars for this film no matter how good or bad it is!