Thursday, 5 February 2009

News, semi-Reviews and Promises

Many apologies for my -good gracious! - almost month-long disappearance. Apparently I'm not good at juggling many activities at once! So, here is a whole bunch o' stuff for you to take a gander at.

Lots and lots of Friday the 13th buzz (released...that's right, Friday, Feb. 13th) around at the moment, mainly from Bloody 'Platinum Dunes' Disgusting: the first three clips from the film are online, as well as talk about the deleted scenes which will appear on the DVD release, with some small tidbits about The Birds and Nightmare on Elm Street at the same link.

There's already talk of a Friday 2, with some more information on The Nightmare on Elm Street both here and here.

Some conceptual art appeared online of Hellraiser's Pinhead, which everyone seems to think was the design for Laugier's remake - as he writes over at Bloody Disgusting, this is not the case at all (the photos are there too). Good thing, really, because they look a tad rubbish.

Do shout at me if I've left out any big news - I've lost track a bit!

On my part, I've watched a couple of remakes recently and here's a brief verdict of them.

The Hills Have Eyes (Aja) is not all that bad, but not great either. There's a boring start before getting to a good half-hour or so that's pretty exciting, but aside from that all that seems different is more gore and more blatant politics.

Prom Night (McCormick) is a film I watched for academic purposes only, and even then it failed to meet my incredibly low expectations. There's just...nothing in this film. Nothing. It's so devoid of any talent it's hard to believe it got a cinematic release.

Now, My Bloody Valentine 3D (Lussier). I travelled two hours by train to see this film in 3D, and wow, was it worth it! Not perfect by a long shot, but the 3D effect is utterly fantastic and put to great use in what's a fun, highly entertaining film. Well worth checking out!

Phew, mammoth post over. I'll stay more on the ball now, I promise!

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