Monday, 30 March 2009

Commentary: Martyrs in the UK

This post has nothing to do with remakes, but it does have everything to do with a highly original, fantastic horror film, Pascal Laugier's Martyrs.

Martyrs is a film that has received massive praise from the horror community for being original and challenging. Apparently, the British Press have watched a different film...I woke up this morning and discovered a slew of bad reviews for the film.

The Guardian:

Seems to have missed the point of the film, along with forgetting to put any sort of effort into what he has to say about it...

The Times & The Sunday Times:

One of these buggers didn't even stay until the end of the film, yet feels it's okay to slap a star-rating onto their review.

The Telegraph:

Relegated to the bottom of the page, with a two-sentence 'review'.

Time Out:

Okay, fine. At least they treat the film with a tad more respect than the other reviewers seem to have done.

The Guardian, again, saving the worst until last:

The most ridiculous of all these reviews. Seeing has Mr. French put no effort into reviewing the film, I'm going to put no effort into calling him an idiot.

More shocking than the sodding film. But wait! It seems not all British reviewers are idiots, afterall...

Total Film: (There's something hilarious about their saying "A torture-porn movie for Guardian readers"...have they read The Guardian review by now?!)

Channel Four:

Sky Movies:

I like these guys. They have the nuts to call it out as a massively difficult and polarizing film AND say that they enjoyed it.

The film is currently being screened at the ICA in London: If you're in London or nearby and fancy challenging yourself to a great film, I highly, highly recommend Martyrs. Its UK DVD release is May 25th (including a Blu Ray edition).

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Matt Hardwick said...

Thanks Nia. I think it's incredible that the press has missed the point on this, and it annoys me that so called critics go so far as to not even watch the entire film before giving it such a poor rating.