Friday, 27 March 2009

News Round Up

What's that I said about keeping up to date? Majorly sorry, guys. Here's a news round up!

Halloween 2 apparently has a new title...The Devil Walks Among Us. Hmm, quite. Michael has a new mask (aside from the blood I can't tell the difference?), Daeg Faerch may or may not still be playing Young Michael, and Weird Al Yankovich is the latest addition to the cast, which now includes Heroes' Brea Grant*, Bill Moseley, Caroline Williams, possibly Margot Kidder and the returning Malcolm McDowell.

The official website for Sorority Row, the remake of The House on Sorority Row has gone live, which includes the trailer; there's also some 'early art' that has emerged. I've not seen the original - how does this look? Looks pretty awful to me, but I rather like the creepy Theta-Pi chant.

There's script news for The Thing and Nightmare on Elm Street: the guy who's tweaking the NoES script is doing the rework of Ronald D. Moore's original The Thing script (and yet they're still calling it a prequel?). The information on the draft NoeS script is partly very interesting, and partly baffling, in my opinion. In other script news, the writers of the forthcoming The Birds and Poltergeist remakes discuss their intentions with the films.

Lastly, there are some images from the Night of the Demons remake around, as well as lots of The Crazies casting news.

Has anyone seen The Last House on the Left? The remake opened third in the US box office on its release, and although it's had a fairly poor-to-average critical response (42% on Rotten Tomatoes), some of the fan reaction has been positive (6.8/10 on and 4/5 on BloodyDisgusting). I found out recently it's not released in the UK until...September! Tell me - is it worth the wait?

*Check out Brea's blog, she's really cool!

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