Friday, 12 June 2009

Comment: Hellraiser losing directors

It's been widely reported recently that Pascal Laugier is no longer involved with the remaking of Hellraiser, as writer or director. This information comes from Clive Barker, via Twitter (although some are still questioning whether it really is Barker's account).

If this is true, then Laugier has followed in the footsteps of fellow French horror hounds Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury. Laugier, and Bustillo and Maury, have received great acclaim for their recent offerings - Martyrs and Inside, respectively - and, in some ways, have brough a modicum of excitement to the Hellraiser project.

Hellraiser isn't a film I want to see remade (although granted, there are very few I do want to see remade), but with someone like Laugier at the helm, there was a chance that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't suck. With Martyrs, Laugier proved he could effectively portray the darker side of the human psyche as well as make brilliant use of make-up to show realistic bodily mutilation - surely great traits for anyone taking the reins of Hellraiser.

Of course, if this story is true, there is not indication of why Laugier has left the project. Pushed or jumped? Either way, I'd say that indicates that the vision being put forward for the Hellraiser remake is not one that is going to please fans, or do anything new or exciting with the material.

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