Thursday, 17 September 2009

Review: Sorority Row (Hendler, 2009)

It truly pains me to report that this film did not utterly suck. Everything is a stereotype, and there's nothing especially scary going on, but the girls are fun, the boys dumb, and the kills highly entertaining.

I've not seen the original, so I cannot comment on how it compares. I don't think it's too unreasonable for me to guess, however, that this new version is a significantly glossier affair, which I suspect will render it a little less charming than its predecessor for some. Luckily, though, the girls of Sorority Row, although very attractive stereotypes, have buckets of charm. This is particularly true of Leah Pipes, who as head bitch Jessica (AKA the girl we're not meant to like), is especially charismatic, entertaining and hell, likeable. Rumer Willis is also a nice surprise as the nerdy Ellie (makes you wonder how she got into Theta Pi in the first place). Some of the best moments come from Carrie Fisher as the badass house mother, Mrs. Crenshaw, especially when she decides to take matters into her own, capable, hands.

Aside from the fun girls, the kills in Sorority Row are just about imaginative enough so that interest doesn't wane for gorehounds. Refreshingly, I was surprised by how little nudity there is in the film. Although the camera lingers plenty on the girls, it somehow didn't seem overly gratuitous. The music and direction of the film is predictible, but I was expecting little else.

Sorority Row is utter tosh, but fun enough.

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ToxicDeath said...

A good fair review, i watched the original source material "The house on Sorority Row" If you like daft 80's slashers then worth a watch, however the remake has enough changes to be a different film , simply using the concept and idea. I have to say that i enjoyed my time at the cinema watching this film.