Thursday, 17 September 2009

Why I'm Excited About 'Mother's Day'

It's a rare occurance that I look forward to a horror remake. I looked forward to My Bloody Valentine 3D, mainly for the 3D. I'm definitely looking forward to The Wolfman, because at least it's remaking something that wasn't made in the last 30 years. So, the latest remake I'm looking forward to is Mother's Day, the Troma classic being remade by Darren Lynn Bousman. Yet again, I must confess to having never seen the original Mother's Day (something I hope to rectify before the remake's release, but in my defense it's not available on DVD in the UK), so I cannot claim some sort of affinity to the original. Regardless, I would normally treat the remake with some cynicism. So what's different about Mother's Day?

The Director

I like Darren Bousman. This is primarily due to my newly discovered undying love for Repo! The Genetic Opera, but I'm also a follower of the Saw franchise and while installments 2 and 3 are far from my favourites, number 4 is second only to the original, in my opinion. I think Bousman's a big talent, who's cut his teeth with the most successful horror franchise of recent years, and proven himself immensley creative with his work on Repo! (for which he was not solely responsible, natch, but the fact remains that he was at the helm). I believe Bousman has a good attitude toward his craft, his genre and its fans, and I have high hopes that this will be evident with Mother's Day.

The Cast

It's nice to see a talented cast for a horror remake, rather than one full of models (I'm still looking at you, Platinum Dunes). On board are Rebecca de Mornay, Jaime King, Alexa Vega, Briana Evigan and Shawn Ashmore, amongst, while it's true none of these actors are (as yet) especially prestigious or Oscar-worthy, but they're no wannabes, and they've all shown their chops in the genre before.

The Independence

Mother's Day is not a studio film with a big name producer behind it (well, aside from Brett Ratner...). This gives me hope that the creativity of Bousman will be allowed through, and we'll be treated to a proper horror movie rather than a cynical money-maker.

The Endorsement

Charles and Lloyd Kaufman, director and producer of the original, have a cameo in this film. In Lloyd's own words on Twitter, "Charles now is starting to get it that his film is loved!" and he thanks Bousman for being "so respectful to the original". As a continuation from the above point, I can't think of a greater endorsement than from the king of the indepents himself.

A recent article in the LA Times uninformedly bemoaned Mother's Day as just another remake, looking to exploit violence, against women especially, to make a quick buck. Now, feminism in film is something I feel strongly about, so it's a pleasure to see a response posted by the LA Times by Mother's Day producer Shara Kay, defending the film. Although she rightly doesn't reveal any plot details, she describes the film as revolving "around strong female characters and the lengths to which they will go to protect what is dearest to them." If that's pulled off, then I'll be a happy horror fan.


Geof said...

I am looking forward to it as well being am a fan of the original and also because this update would definitely work nowadays. I got lost on recent news about the film, so I had no idea about the familiar names coming on board for the production.

BTW - I never got my sequel I really wanted that concerned more on "Queenie".

Stonecypher said...

It's reassuring to know someone who's a fan of the original is looking forward to it!